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(2018 Staff application will be available on November 27) if you are interested in joining the Loras College All-Sports Camp team in providing a setting for life-changing, fun-filled adventure that takes place in an wholesome atmosphere that stresses Christian values, sportsmanship and citizenship!


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Loras All-Sports Camp is a camp where Christian values are taught and emphasized through the vehicle of sports. Staff must be comfortable talking about Christian values as represented by the brands on the paddle. Staff need to be able to facilitate small group activity and discussion. Counselors, Resident Instructors and Athletic Trainers live in the dorms with the campers and are on duty from the time the campers arrive on Sunday until they leave on Friday, with a few hours off each day.


Counselors are responsible for the care and well-being of all campers in their huddle group of 8-12 campers, depending on the age of the group. Counselors also are expected to instruct in a sport during either Majors or Minors and to participate with the campers during huddle activity and huddle competition.